Frequently Asked Questions








1.  Q. What is the Doherty Drive Extension Project?

2.  Q: What is the purpose of Doherty Drive Extension?

3.  Q: I hear this is different from the original plan. What was the original plan?

4.  Q:  How did the concept change? Why?

5.  Q: Why do so many people say the original concept was better than the current concept?

6.  Q: Can't we revert back to the original concept?

7.  Q: Do the people of West Melbourne support the project?

8.  Q: What aspects of the project do citizens comment about the most?

9.  Q: I like videos. Can I  see a video about all this, with clips of citizen's comments?

10.  Q: I like details. Can I read the official summaries of all of those citizen comments?

11.  Q: OK, OK, that's way too much detail; how about a top-level summary?

12.  Q: How else have the people expressed their opposition to this project?

13.  Q: Why so much concern about the safety of school children?

14.  Q: Why all the hullabaloo about cut-through traffic from Minton Road?

15.  Q: What will be the impact on Henry, Sylvia, Edward, Parker, Trend, or Clifton?

16.  Q: What will be the impact on the existing Doherty Drive neighborhood?

17.  Q: Can I see an example of traffic on Henry that blocks the side streets?

18.  Q: Has the city done anything about the problem of side road blockage on Henry Avenue?

19.  Q: Is the city going to put up signs saying the blockage problem is going to get worse?

20.  Q: Why all the concern about the new road causing flooding?

21.  Q: Has the city improved the drainage plan for the new road?

22.  Q: Wouldn't it be good to have another exit from the Heritage Oaks area?

23.  Q: But isn't there a lot of public support for the second exit?

24.  Q: Yeah, greenery is nice; but what difference does it make if we cut down some trees? 

25.  Q: But aren't state and federal governments responsible for the environment? Why pick on the city?

26.  Q: Will the city provide fences to replace existing natural barriers (woods) if the road is built?

27.  Q: Why do people think the natural barriers (woods) provide better security than a fence?

28.  Q: I want to read reports and data. Where can I find actual traffic info relevant to this issue?

29.  Q: I didn't think there were any pedestrian accidents on Minton Road; why should we expect cut-through from Minton to lead to accidents?

30.  Q: But the city funded a traffic study about this; didn't it resolve concerns about cut-through traffic? 

31.  Q: How credible is the city traffic study? 

32.  Q: If the road is built, what will traffic be like in five years? 

33. Q: How will the new road cause more traffic on Henry? Is it really new traffic, or is it traffic that is just arriving at Henry via a different route?

34.  Q: Who are the people who will make the final decision?

35.  Q: How can I voice my objection to this project?

36.  Q: When and where does the city council meet?

37.  Q: What effect will the COVID-19 pandemic/recession have on funding?

38.  Q: How much will this project cost?